The question of how we are to live in this world’s fast changing environment is daunting. The answer seems like it should be easy. Buy less stuff. Travel less. Eat less meat. Reduce, reuse, recycle, rinse, repeat. There are countless climate action checklists to back me up on this. So why is it so hard to change course? And how much less of what exactly will make any difference? That uncertainty, combined with the realities of time, money, and social expectations can make significant personal change difficult.

My name is Katie Sheehan. I recently finished a doctorate in sociology and have taken on a full-time parenting position. Originally from Chicago, I live in Dublin, Ireland, with my husband and one-year-old daughter. This blog is where I’m trying to hash out a responsible way of life through trial, error, and a bit of research. I’m hoping to find a way forward through the writing, and maybe share something useful while I’m at it. I’m glad you’re here.